Gym Activities and Imagination Blocks

Our large motor space is great for cold and rainy days.  The children build body awareness, as well as strength and coordination through running, jumping and climbing in our gym. The children also build familiarity with directionality and position in the context of the space around them and they work on hand-eye coordination by playing throw and catch games.  There is also a balance beam in the gym that strengthens a child's sense of balance. 

Marblehead Children's Center is pleased to be one of the first childcare centers in the New England area to use Imagination Playground Blocks (www.imaginationplayground.com).  This innovative mobile play system transforms children’s minds, bodies and spirits through active, creative play and has been praised by educators and parents alike.

Wiggles and Giggles 

Taught by Joyce X. Speicher combines the best of music, movement and dramatic play for young children. She is full of energy and constantly introducing new songs, activities and games.


My Little Lingos Spanish Class with Vanessa Evans

In this class designed for children, kids learn Spanish in a fun and entertaining way.  Through music, movement games, crafts and storytelling, children embark on a delightful journey to gain understanding of the Spanish language.

The Nature Project

This program is taught by Holly Hannaway a farm and nature education and communication specialist.  The program is designed to "grow love and respect for the natural world through hands on experiences, games and stories."  Areas of focus include nature, gardening and outdoor recreation.


Other varied enrichment programs are offered throughout the year.  Please see Gail for more information.