Rosanne K. Phelan is the owner and Executive Director of Marblehead Children’s Center and Seaside Nursery School.  She holds a Master of Early Childhood Education degree and a Bachelor of Education degree.

Ms. Phelan began her career in early childhood when she started Seaside Nursery School in 1974 with Pat Nyberg, a friend and teacher who also had a passion for early childhood education.  Prior to founding Seaside, Ms. Phelan taught in Massachusetts Public Schools. She also worked in the British Infant System participating in a summer practicum in Oxford, England. Her further experiences include graduate courses in Child Care Design at Harvard and Tufts Universities, the supervision of student teachers, initiation of a Child Care Director’s support group, and the establishment of a landmark toddler program.

Ms. Phelan took over the ownership and management of the Marblehead Children’s Center in 1986, and has improved and expanded the program based on her philosophy and experience at Seaside.

She is currently a member of the Marblehead Rotary Club, the Marblehead Chamber of Commerce, the American Association of University Women, a Trustee of the Marblehead Savings Bank, and a supporter for the advancement of autism research.

Rosanne enjoys reading, gardening, and activities with her three grandsons in her spare time.