Transitional Kindergarten program is for children one year away from Kindergarten. Transitional Kindergarten will introduce and mimic the routines children can expect in a kindergarten class.  Our learning goals for transitional kindergartners are achieved through a variety of rich child and teacher directed experiences designed to expose children to school-age learning situations and expectations in a developmentally appropriate manner. Independent learning centers will be crafted by teachers and available in language and literacy, math and science, and art.  Whole and small group experiences help children learn and develop early reading and math skills; plus, they will have opportunities for learning in social studies and science. Just as in all of our preschool classrooms, children will practice and develop important school-age skills including listening, direction following, waiting, and sharing in a school environment. 

MCC is open daily from 7am to 6pm. The opening/closing room is located in the gym at the back of the school.

Transitional Kindergarten Schedule

8:00-8:45                                 Drop Off/ Free Play

8:45-9:00                                 Clean Up

9:00-9:30                                 Morning Meeting

9:30-9:45                                 Bathroom/ Hand-washing

9:45-10:00                                Snack Time

10:00- 10:30                             Gym

10:30-11:30                              Curriculum Time-Story, Project, Table Activities

11:30-11:45                              Wash Up

11:45-12:15                              Lunch

12:15-1:00                                Outside Time

1:00-1:15                                  Bathroom Reminder/Hand-washing

1:15-1:30                                   Story

1:30-3:00                                   Quiet Time

 3:00-3:30                                  Clean Up Mats/Bathroom/Snacks

 3:30-Closing                              Outside Time/Closing Room